Packaged Plantrooms

IPT’s packaged are designed and constructed using the latest techniques and highest quality components, however the main difference against the competition is FLEXIBILITY.

IPT are able to incorporate virtually all mechanical and electrical services imaginable into packaged plantrooms due to their wide diversity of products and services.


Biomass Plantrooms


Planning approval is achieved more easily for new buildings adopting a Biomass energy option due to a lower carbon footprint.

In addition visual and noise aspects rarely cause a problem.

Most planning issues are already covered by Building Regulations; Clean Air Act; and Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations (England and Wales)

Our biomass systems are highly sophisticated, offering combustion efficiency and emission levels comparable with the best fossil fuel boilers.

The combustion (direct or indirect) of biomass as a fuel also returns CO2 to the atmosphere. However this carbon is part of the current carbon cycle: it was absorbed during the growth of the plant over the previous few months or years and, provided the land continues to support growing plant material, a sustainable balance is maintained between carbon emitted and absorbed giving a neutral outcome.

Biomass can be sourced locally, from within the UK, on an indefinite basis, contributing to security of supply.

UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural economy.

Woodlands, forestry and agriculture are generally perceived to be an environmentally and socially attractive amenity by the UK population, providing opportunities for recreation and leisure activities.

Biomass is a renewable fuel that is already widely, and often economically available throughout the UK.

Its production and use also brings additional environmental and social benefits.

Correctly managed, biomass can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Many biomass fuels generate lower levels of such atmospheric pollutants as sulphur dioxide, that contributes to ‘acid rain’.



Special Chillers & Dry Air Coolers

IPT specialise in the design and manufacturing of air and water cooled chillers and dry air coolers for all challenging and unusual applications.

Low Height 400kW chillers with pumps @ 1200mm height
Low Noise As low as 35dB’A’ at 3m
Integral application Tailored chillers for internal applications
High efficiency Exceptionally high SEER
Small footprint Lowest practical footprint available
Flexible capacities 20 – 2000kW
Pumps inbuilt Inbuilt pump and pressurisation options


Low Carbon Solutions (Swimming Pools)

IPT have over 25 years experience with specialised low carbon, heat recovery and energy efficient equipment for Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools.





Specialised Air Handling Units

IPT manufacture specialised air handling equipment to suit virtually all applications.

  • Heat recovery up to 90% efficiency
  • Direct Drive Invertor driven fans
  • Inbuilt control systems
  • Inbuilt DX cooling and heat pump systems
  • Roof top gas fired
  • Adiabatic cooling